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Our team of dedicated professionals led by senior qualified chartered accountants are obliged to give you quality services which will enable you to serve your clients better and thereby improving your business. We together with our associates in various locations to enable us to give you the best in the industry.


Regarding the strength of the staff, the firm has four categories of staff: Firstly, four (4) Partners who are responsible for all transactions and contractual obligations. They are experts in the area of specialization of the firm and ensure that services are rendered to the client effectively and efficiently with good quality. Secondly, five (5) Management Staff, who operate and implement decisions taken by the partners. Thirdly, six (6) operational/support staff, who handle the Secretarial and other operational duties of the firm. They are contract staff whose appointment is renewable every two years subject to satisfactory performance lastly, the Consultants; these are resource persons who are highly educated and experts in their own field of specialization. They work on a part-time basis. They make themselves available whenever their services are required. Find below, an extract of the firm’s staff:

Ahmed Bawa.PNG
Abba Gombe.PNG







i. Musa Gadaham /(B.Sc, MBA,CNA)

ii. Ibrahim Salihu /(B.Sc, CNA)

iii. Zaradden Abbas Bello/ (B.Sc)


iv. Abdu A. Aliyu/ (ND, HND, B.Sc)

v. Murtala Ahmed/ (ND)

vi. Safiya Mohammed/(NCE. (Clerical Officer))












  1. Dr B. Y. Hanga (PhD, M.Sc. & B.Sc. Acct., CNA)

  2. Dr Ishaya John Dabari/(B.Sc. Acct., MBA Acct., PhD. Acct., CNA)

  3. Dr Elmaude J. Gambo (PhD, M.Sc., MBA, B.Sc. Acct.)

  4. Dr Mohammed M. Kakanda (PhD, M.Sc., B.Sc., Acct.)

  5. Dr Ibrahim Danjuma (PhD Mgt.)

  6. Dr Ahmed Alkali (PhD Mgt.)

  7. Mr Ibrahim Hameed (PhD in view)

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