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Welcome to Ahmed Bawa & Co. (Chartered Accountants)

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Our Major Client:


1. Reports from Adamawa State Ministry of Finance and Budget.  Click Here to Navigate


2. Office of the Auditor-General Local Governments, Adamawa State.   Click Here to Navigate

Ahmed Bawa & Co, Chartered Accountants, is a leading accounting firm rendering comprehensive professional services which include Feasibility Studies, Project Management and Appraisal, Performance Evaluation, Reporting(Accounts), ICT consultancy, Debt Management,  Revenue Generation , Cost Control and Human Resources Management, Independent Audit & Assurance, Foreign Exchange and Regulatory Consulting, Restructuring and Valuations, Accounting and Corporate Support, Secretarial Support and Management Consulting and Tax Consultancy, Tax Audit and Advice .



Ahmed Bawa & Co was established in Yola, Nigeria in 2009. Ahmed Bawa & Co was founded by Professor Ahmed Bello Bawa, a pioneer in Audit profession in Yola. The company maintains qualified, well trained and highly experienced staff. A very selective recruitment process and substantial investment in training ensure that expert knowledge is supplemented by specialist knowledge in one or more areas and is broadened into general management skills required for services in the business environment. The Firm employs evaluation methods for staff performance and increments and promotions are made based on proven evaluation methods.



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